UNICEF Act is a set of instructional resources on topics of global concern. Centered around a student magazine that explores current issues through informational texts, questions that promote critical thinking, photography from the field, and data analysis exercises involving maps, charts, and graphs, each brief highlights a significant present-day emergency or humanitarian need. 

UNICEF Act magazines are accompanied by a lesson plan and several instructional activities that can be implemented in as little as fifteen minutes, including a take action piece that provides students with ways to demonstrate global citizenship by taking humanitarian action for children around the world. All materials are aligned to National Content and Common Core State Standards for maximum integration into your core curriculum.

Current Issue — Hunger in a World of Plenty (Spring 2015)

Special Edition — Stop Ebola (November 2014)

Philippines: Building Back Better (Fall 2014)

Syria: No Lost Generation (Spring 2014)

The webinar 'No Lost Generation: Teaching about the Children of Syria' was recorded in conjunction with Share My Lesson and can be heard HERE!