Around the world, HIV/AIDS adversely affects the lives of millions of people, particularly children. HIV/AIDS is preventable, and no child needs to be born HIV-positive. UNICEF works to prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS from mother-to-child, provide pediatric treatment to children with HIV, and support children who have been left orphaned or vulnerable due to the effects of HIV/AIDs on their communities

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Ana's Story: Educator's Guide
This educator's guide, to be accompanied with the book Ana's Story, helps educators introduce the book to students in a classroom setting and explore student attitudes about HIV/AIDS and apply multicultural perspectives in discussing the issues...
Asmina's Story: A Child Orphaned by HIV/AIDS in Africa
Asmina's Story is a tale about a girl who is left orphaned when her parents die of AIDS-related causes. Asmina's Story is accompanied by an Educator Handbook, which is designed to help students increase their understanding of and compassion for...
Asmina's Story: Educator Handbook
Asmina's Story: Educator Handbook is designed to help students increase their understanding of and compassion for children affected by AIDS. The Educator Handbook is accompanied by Asmina's Story, which is a tale about a girl who is left orphaned...
Unit: Prevention of Mother-to-Child of HIV/AIDS
This high school unit on the topic of the Prevention-of-Mother-to-Child-Transmission (PMTCT) of HIV/AIDS raises awareness of PMTCT and outlines the goal of an AIDS-free generation.


6-8, 9-12
Making Strides Against HIV/AIDS
While the battle against HIV/AIDS may seem insurmountable, progress is slowly being made. Read about some of UNICEF's efforts in the area of HIV/AIDS.
6-8, 9-12
Caring for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children in Swaziland
The southern African nation of Swaziland has the world’s highest rate of HIV infection, and nearly half of its children are orphans or living in otherwise vulnerable circumstances. An innovative UNICEF-supported program is caring for these children.
3-5, 6-8, 9-12
Towards an AIDS-Free Generation: Children and AIDS | Sixth Stocktaking Report 2013 (Interactive Version)
Here, the Sixth Stocktaking Report accounts for both progress made and setbacks identified in the last two years. Globally countries have made more inroads on new HIV infections among children since 2011 than in the previous decade, but the rate of s
6-8, 9-12
Luchando Contra el VIH/SIDA, el Paludismo y Otras Enfermedades
Lea sobre Jennifer, una mujer de 20 años de edad procedente de Nigeria, que explica cómo se está abordando el Objetivo 6 del Desarrollo del Milenio: Combatir el VIH / SIDA, el paludismo y otras enfermedades.
6-8, 9-12
Lutte contre le VIH / SIDA, et d'autres maladies
Lisez à propos de Jennifer, une jeune femme de 20 ans qui provient du Nigeria, et qui explique comment elle aborde l'objectif du millenaire pour le développement Objectif 6: Combattre le VIH / sida, le paludisme et autres maladies.


Living with HIV/AIDS in Haiti
Learn about a young woman in Haiti, who is pregnant and HIV positive. UNICEF is working to help the transmission of HIV to her child.
6-8, 9-12
Cash Transfers and Support Those affected by HIV in Mozambique
Learn about HIV/AIDS orphans who now live with their grandmother, and who receive support from the government in order to maintain their livelihood.
HIV Positive Youth in Botswana
Watch a video a teenager in Botswana who is HIV positive. She is one of 600 teenagers receiving treatment for HIV at a local UNICEF health clinic.
Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS
One of UNICEF's key aims is to reduce the transmission of HIV/AIDS from mother to child. This video highlights ways in which UNICEF is working to achieve this goal in Mozambique.


Preventing HIV Transmission in Infants
UNICEF is working to provide access to healthcare which will lower the rate at which infants contract HIV from mothers.
HIV Youth Advocate in Ukraine
Irina is 21 years old, and is HIV positive. Irina is an advocate for youth living with HIV/AIDS. Irina aims to educate others in Ukraine about how to prevent transmission. Ukraine currently has the highest rate of HIV transmission in all of Europe.
HIV/AIDS Youth Educators
Nakwan is 20 years old. She lost her father to HIV/AIDS and her mother is HIV positive. Nakwan works to integrate HIV/AIDS orphans into society through education and also works to raise awareness about how to reduce transmission rates in Thailand.
6-8, 9-12
Youth Radio Messages Fight AIDS Stigma
UNICEF Radio correspondent Blue Chevigny showcases examples of radio PSAs against HIV/AIDS produced by youth in Jamaica.

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