Taking Action for Syria's Children

How to organize a school fundraiser

Stand up for Syria's ChildrenMore than 5 million Syrian children have been affected by the three-year conflict, including more than 1 million refugees. These children are suffering without schools to go to, without a sense of physical safety and emotional protection, and without a chance to thrive. An entire generation is at risk of losing its future, with severe long-term consequences for Syria and the region.

How your school can help
1. Set a fundraising target. You might want to create a “shopping list” from among the following:

  • $56.76 could help buy 1 full set of warm winter clothes
  • $36.30 could help buy 200 doses of polio vaccine to protect 66 children from this disease
  • $67.50 could help buy 10 malnourished children with lifesaving nutrition for 5 days
  • $133.29 could help buy a Family Water Kit which contains 20 collapsible plastic water containers, which hold 10 liters of drinking water each; 500 water purifying tablets to prevent the outbreak of water-borne illnesses such as cholera and typhoid; and several bars of soap for washing
  • $213.34 could help buy a School-In-A-Box kit that meets the needs of 1 teacher and 40 students to carry on classes for 3 months

2. Plan your fundraiser. Choose from these suggestions, or design your own:

Simple collections: Obtain permission to organize a money collection at your school. (Supplies, while well intended, do not have the same immediate impact, and UNICEF will not accept these donations.) Choose well-attended areas, such as in the cafeteria, at sports events or in other high-traffic areas.

Pancake breakfasts: These are typically high-profit fundraisers and can be a great community outreach event.

Coffeehouse: Have an art exhibit, poetry and prose readings, and performances by student bands or individual musicians, and of course serve great coffee and snacks.

Student-faculty benefit match: Students can challenge faculty and staff to a basketball or volleyball tournament. Charge admission to the game.

Online fundraiser: Using the UNICEF High School Clubs' Crowdrise page (which doesn't require donors to be in a UNICEF High School Club, or even in high school), you can create a team and easily track progress.

3. Click here for an application to hold a UNICEF fundraiser. Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed and we will determine if we are able to assist you in your efforts.

4. Have your fundraiser! You can advertise it around your school with the downloadable poster at the top of this page. Just click on it to download, and fill it in with the details of your fundraiser.

5. Remit funds to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF for us to transfer to UNICEF (UNICEF does not accept donations directly). Donate online, by calling 1.800.FOR.KIDS (1.800.367.5437) , or click here for our donation form if you prefer to mail in your donation.

Thank you for your efforts to develop young global citizens and empower them to take action on behalf of the children of Syria.

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