Water and Environment

Water and Sanitation for All is a unit of three lessons designed to:
1) Raise awareness of the problems facing children with inadequate access to clean water or sanitation facilities
2) Increase students' understanding of the issue as one that affects them as well
3) Explore how organizations, agencies and individuals are working to address the problems
4) Encourage students to take their own steps in addressing the local and global issues of water and sanitation

45 Years in the Making

Nicolas Mignanwande was a little boy attending a UNICEF school in his small village of Ganvie, in Benin, when Denis Hargrave arrived in the village to shoot a documentary. The film focused on the challenges of growing up in Ganvie, and the hope and opportunity that the UNICEF school provided.

In this video, watched what Denis learned about young Nicolas about forty five years later, through a series of remarkable coincidences...

Nicolas graduated from that same UNICEF school and went on to become a teacher and then Supervisor of Education for his district. Nicolas' older brother, Hubert, also a graduate from the UNICEF school, received his PhD in Psychology from the Sorbonne. Today Nicolas' youngest boy, Ponce, is in medical school and studying to become a doctor.

Access to Clean Water in Rwanda

UNICEF strives to provide clean drinking water to everyone. In this video, see how a well being placed in a Rwandan village changed the lives of two young orphans and their siblings. The children no longer have to walk for hours or get hurt trying to find clean water for their families. Easy access to drinking water has improved the health of these families as well as giving the children peace of mind.


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