Maternal and Newborn Health

Combating Malaria in Ghana

Over 200 Million people contract malaria every year, and of those more than 600,000 cases end in death. In Ghana alone, more than 200,000 children die. Malaria is a treatable and preventable disease. UNICEF USA has provided more than 2 million treated bed nets to families with young children to help reduce the infection rate. In this video, hear the stories of two young mothers each of whom lost a child to malaria and are now hopeful for the future thanks to UNICEF and the bed nets they provide.

SMS Technology in Rwanda

UNICEF's mission is to save and protect children's lives, as well as the lives of their families. In this video, see how SMS technology has helped decrease maternal mortality rates. UNICEF launched a program where volunteers were given cellphones with rapid SMS enabled technology that sends health information about pregnant women to the hospital. In emergency cases, this technology is able to alert an ambulance and can get the woman to the hospital. Thanks to UNICEF's support, these women are now able to get to the health center on time and receive the medial support they need.


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