UNICEF Records Major Successes in 2011

This video summarizes the year 2011 and the many achievements that UNICEF undertook around the world. The world welcomed its 7 billionth inhabitant; under-five mortality dropped to its lowest rate in history - 7.6 million; Ghana became the 21st country to eliminate neo-natal tetanus; more than 6,000 communities across Africa abandoned female genital cutting. Watch this engaging video here.

TeachUNICEF Map Guide


The TeachUNICEF Map Guide highlights some of the diverse challenges facing peoples across
the planet, many of which are fueled by the realities of geography. Topics such as the availability
and struggle for control of natural resources and the conflicts this creates among nations, and the
phenomenon of climate change and its impact on the economic and agricultural realities of the
countries and regions are just a couple of items highlighted on the map.


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