Unit 4: Combating Malaria - Bed Nets, A Simple Solution


In this unit students will:
1) Review the basic facts on malaria and its prevalence.
2) Learn about the important role of insecticide-treated bed nets in preventing the spread of malaria.
3) Consider bed-net distribution in Malawi and Congo as examples of community decisions about preventing malaria.
4) Role-play a community meeting discussing the distribution of bed nets.

Unit 3: Community Participation and Child Survival


Using the lessons in this unit students will:
1) Develop a definition of “community”.
2) Describe a community in which the health needs of children and families are met.
3) Brainstorm ways in which they can contribute to decisions about health services in their community.
4) Review UNICEF programs for child survival and development.
5) Understand what UNICEF has learned from past community-based programs.


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