Photo of the Month June, 2013: Backstory

Rahmatuallah, 14, writes on a white board during a training workshop for electricians at a UNICEF-assisted reintegration and rehabilitation center for war-affected children in the southern city of Kandahar, Afghanistan. His teacher, Gulham Mohammad, stands beside him. Rahmatuallah's father was killed in the war, and the rest of his family, including his mother and six siblings, were forced to flee their village. Rahmatuallah lost his leg in a landmine explosion last year, and is waiting to be outfitted for a new prosthetic.

He comes to the center every day on the back of his brother's bicycle. "I love coming to the center," he said. "With my new leg and skills, I will be useful again and will be able to help my family." Some 3,000 children, including former child soldiers, attend such centers, where they learn vocational skills and receive counseling.

© UNICEF/AFGA2007-00420/Noorani