Photo of the Month: Backstory

A frightened boy walks in an area of Gaza, in the occupied Palestinian territory, hit hard during fighting. A vehicle burns in the background.

Violence against children comes in many forms. It can come out in the open, covered by journalists, like it was in this photo, or it can be hidden. In fact, most of the time violence against children is invisible, silently destroying childhoods every day. It takes place in every setting: public and private, urban and rural, industrialized and developing, rich and poor. To stop it — and make a better world for children everywhere — we need to shine a spotlight on the problem wherever it occurs.

#ENDviolence is UNICEF's new global initiative to build awareness and generate momentum in preventing and responding to violence against children.

UNICEF works around the globe to safeguard children, lobbying governments to protect girls and boys and to strengthen child protection systems. UNICEF builds programs that address risk factors that place children in harm's way, provides safe havens for those in need and delivers medical attention and counseling to those who have suffered.

Visit our #ENDviolence campaign page to learn more.

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