Peaceful Communities Pilot and May Howard Elementary School Pilot

TeachUNICEF and May Howard Elementary School in Savannah, Georgia, are proud to share their recent partnership.

A big "thank you" to Lindy Aiken (PreK), Suzanne Fruits (1st grade); Mary Beth Hannan (2nd grade); April Blackmon (4th grade); Rob Amonette (Arts); Anna Pierce (Guidance Counselor); and Elizabeth Crawford, Ph.D. (lead consultant) who piloted an early primary unit Peaceful Communities for All, providing feedback and ideas to further develop the unit, coming soon to

May Howard ES has been recognized by the state of Georgia for high student achievement and is noted for its collaboration with the local and global community as they engage children in service-learning projects related to global issues, such as world hunger and sustainability.

Thank you, May Howard ES, for your insights and dedication to learning about global issues! You too can get started today at TeachUNICEF! If you’re interested in piloting or providing feedback for any of our materials please contact us at