Free classroom poster!

TeachUNICEF wants to know what your students think about ZERO.  Teach the UNICEF lesson, What’s Your ZERO, send us samples of student work, and we’ll send you a Believe in ZERO inspirational poster for your classroom or school.

Believe in ZERO is a national campaign to achieve ZERO preventable child deaths globally and provide every child with the opportunity to survive and thrive.

In the lesson, What’s Your ZERO?, students explore what it takes for seemingly impossible ideas (like ZERO) to become possible, learn about the work of UNICEF, and identify problems that they would like to take action to eliminate in their community, nation, or on a global level.

 The lesson also asks students to write an essay or poem, or create a short video or piece of artin response to the question, “What is your ZERO?”  We’d like to see your students’ responses to this question and learn about their vision for a worldwithout poverty, hunger, or whatever issue most concerns them.

Getting the poster is easy:

1) Access the lesson plan that’s appropriate for your grade level and implement with your students:

What's Your ZERO? (grades 3-6)
What’s Your ZERO? (grades 7-12)
¿Cuál Es Su Cero? (grados 3-6)
• ¿Cuál Es Su Cero? (grados 7-12)

2. Send copies of student work to (We’d also love a note from you describing reactions to and reflections on the lesson.)

3. Make sure the email includes your name, mailing address, school name and location, grade and subject you teach, titles of student pieces you are submitting and their names (first names only).

4. We’ll send you an 18” x 24”inspirational poster for your classroom or school.

5. We may want to feature your students’ work on our website or in other communications. If so, we’ll reach out to you with a release form (and won’t make student work public without their permission).