Educator Quotes and Feedback

"…my new approach to teaching world history and integrating current issues and UNICEF resources has made teaching world history so much more fun, and thanks to some of the resources we looked at the kids are connecting current issues with the historical basis in my classes for the first time."
     - Workshop Participant, Educator

"I am so impressed with what UNICEF has put together for teachers! Gives me the goose bumps! I have decided to take UNICEF on for my next Social Studies Unit… It is not only inspirational and so important, but it is also put together so well for teachers!"
     - Workshop Participant, 5th Grade Teacher

"The videos are excellent, the podcasts and stories will prove invaluable to teachers and students as they seek current and relevant resources to further their understanding of sanitation, water, the plight of children and what is being done to offer equity of access to all resources."
     - Workshop Participant, High School Educator

"The lesson plans were easy to follow and really drew on the students own experiences and lives."
     - Workshop Participant, 7th Grade Teacher, World Geography

"I really liked the video, the readings and the activities …It opened up the world for us."
     - Workshop Participant, 7th Grade Teacher, Social Studies

"It was easy to use and easy for my students to relate to. It was at an appropriate level and helped them understand problems that exist in the world that they were not aware of."
     - Workshop Participant, 7th Grade Teacher, Civics

"It was powerful because instead of discussing the issues in general, the issues were embedded with a real teenager. This helped students to connect on both an intellectual and emotional level."
     - Workshop Participant, 9th Grade Teacher, Global History and Geography

"We are not only citizens of the US, we are citizens of the world and global issues affect our fellow citizens.  The youth have the power to galvanize and change the future!"
     - New York City High School Student giving feedback at a TeachUNICEF Workshop

"Being a citizen of a global community is to give and not only take. The TeachUNICEF gives you awareness of what there is out there that you can do."
     - Student, user of TeachUNICEF resources

"Being a citizen of a global community means that we’re not only a citizen of our town, but also a citizen of the world. We need to stretch the citizenship from our neighborhood to other countries."
     - Student, user of TeachUNICEF resources

“There are many more children suffering from poverty than I knew. Children are working hard every day to survive. While working, these children miss out on the education they deserve."
     - Student, user of TeachUNICEF resources

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